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About us


Meet our Founder


"I believe that the good we do becomes a massive chain".

- Ana Carreto


Hola! Ana Carreto here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here. I'm writing this in English (even though it's easier for me to express myself in Spanish) because I am blessed enough to have people from all over the world reading this. You might see some grammar mistakes or typos - but who cares?! Let's embrace our true selves and stop caring about others' judgements :) 

If you don't speak Spanish, you might learn some new words throughout this journey with me lol, since I speak Spanglish most of the time! I also speak French and a bit of Arabic (arabic is too hard for me btw), so you might listen to me mixing languages from time to time.  

If you would like to contact us and you feel more comfortable doing it in Spanish or French, please do!


Why are Help, Love and Hope so meaningful to me?

Well, cause that's what I got when my mom died when I was six: Help, Love, and Hope. From my dad, my abuelitas (grandmas), my aunts, friends, friends' moms, Teachers, from God, from the Universe, and from everyone who has always been there for me. I know what it feels like to be helped and to feel loved, and my mission is to see everyone feeling the same way. I also know what it is like to lose Hope, and I want to give it to everyone who feels hopeless. Hope is one the pillars that holds up the world (and action, of course! but that's another subject).

I've always had the need to help. From the smallest thing to the huge transformation and impact I'm sure the world and humanity are in need of. 

Yup, it's true I've traveled all over the world, I made my own challenge that I called: 30 before 30 - almost like Forbes 30 under 30 but with a different purpose :) I traveled to 30 countries before turning 30. Not all the trips were to Volunteer, but if I'm honest with you, the BEST ones were when I did. 

I've been a Volunteer for more than 12 years in a wide variety of causes: orphans, refugees, eco-projects, animals in danger, natural disasters, kids with cancer, abandoned elderly, and more. I've also organized several fundraising campaigns for different movements raising more than 100k dollars, but I wanted to do something else, something bigger. I knew it was going to make a higher impact to the world and humanity to include more people in this beautiful volunteering projects. I really wanted to encourage others to do it themselves too, to go experience it, to give them the opportunity to change their vision, to see what I was able to see, to live the experiences that only volunteering abroad gives you.


Let me tell you a bit about my background. I was a Teacher for 11 years. I was having a great time! I truly loved my job. (**If you were my student and you're reading this, you are still in my heart and I'll always wish you all the happiness). 

Let's continue. Sadly, in Mexico, Teachers don't get paid what they deserve, so people used to ask me all the time: "How can you afford traveling so much?" ,"How do you make it? " ,"Isn't it hard? "

If that's your point of view too, you're in the right place to change your mindset, and there's a reason why life brought you here. I want to show every person who have always dreamed about traveling and helping others, that volunteering abroad is easier than it looks, that the world is much smaller than we all think, and that it is much more rewarding than you ever thought your heart could feel. 

Something else I noticed when I used to travel by myself, is that people would panic! Like: "What?!","All alone??", "Are you serious?","Estas loca!". I don't know if I'm loca (crazy), but I just love that solo-international-volunteer- feeling. After listening to my friends, colleagues, students, and relatives how curious they were about it, I realized that there were MANY people who wanted to do it as well but they just needed some guidance with the process, or someone to plan it with -like a friend or an experienced volunteer to feel safe; and guess what? I am THAT FRIEND! 

So so so! Here I am, with this project that will change lives ALL OVER THE WORLD! Not only the ones that will be helped, but the volunteers' too. Isn't great? Changing lives from both sides. It just makes me cry of happiness and excitement.


Why did I call my movement Let's do it amigos? Because y'all are my amigos and we'll make it together!!! No matter what you do or where you are in life, trust me, you can make it. 


Welcome and Let's do it amigos!

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