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  • Can I have a call with someone to answer more questions I have?
    Of course! You can book an online call with our Founder, Ana Carreto. Go to home page and you'll see the link with the calendar there.
  • What do Let's Do It Amigos exactly do?
    We organize trips all over the world to go volunteering in group. We also have our course to help you organize your own trip to go Solo-Volunteering or with your own group of friends!
  • What's Let's Do It Amigos?
    We are an International Movement for Volunteering Abroad.
  • What's the limit date to register and pay for the trip?
    April 1st, 2024. We'll start introducing everyone on May, create the Whatsapp group, and give every single detail to the whole team.
  • What's not included in the price?
    - Flights - Paper work (visas, passports, etc) - Vaccines - Weekend expences - Tourism experiences and accommodation - Weekend meals - Insurance
  • I have never gone volunteering to another country, does that matter?"
    Of course it doesn't! Our idea was made to offer a volunteering experience abroad for experienced and non-experienced volunteers. Most of the people are looking for a group to go with, because they might not feel comfortable traveling by themselves. So that's why we created this Group Trip. You won't have to worry about anything but enjoying it!
  • Do I need a visa for Thailand?
    Depends on your nationality. Contact us before to do the research for you.
  • Do I need to speak English?
    It is recommended for you to know the basis of the language to be able to communicate. Don't worry if you're not an expert, in most of the small villages they don't speak English.
  • How much is it?
  • What's the course about or for?
    It is a program where we guide you to organize your own volunteering trip. In case you don't feel like traveling in group with us, you can plan your Solo-Volunteering trip or with your own group of friends. We help you to plan it from A to Z: - Dates - Budget needed - Get in contact with the programs - Paperwork - Choosing the best program for you according to your skills, likes, and more - What to pack list - Essentials - More..!
  • Are there specific dates or can I do it whenever I want to start preparing my trip?
    It is always open! We recommend you to start planning it around 9 - 6 months in advance of your ideal date for traveling, just contact us and we'll start the program!
  • How long is it?
    4 weeks :) we all have a busy life, so we don't want you to feel pressure about the program. That's why we'll take the time we need to have all the details done.
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