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By making someone's life better, you end up transforming yours too.

Ever wanted to go volunteering abroad but didn't know where to start? Have you volunteered before and want to go to new places?
Let's do it amigos is here for you!

We are an I
nternational NGO that guides first-time and experienced volunteers through the Philanthropic Travel process in order to help people, animals, and the whole planet.

Volunteer with us, everywhere!



Lives Changed


Volunteering Trip
Lebanon 2022

We made it on the news!

Wanna know what we did?

Working in Baabda Forest with T.E.R.R.E Liban
Tourism in Baalbeck - Roman Temples
Helping build collapsed houses, businesses, hospitals and schools in Beirut after the blast in 08/2020
Teaching English to Syrian Refugee children

Why Volunteering Abroad?

Create a long lasting change by building more grounded and conscious societies, and leaving a significant sense of purpose
Engage People
Encourage others to be more dynamic and engaged with wildlife conservation, health, education, and global warming.
Empower Others
Empower others to be a better version of themselves through a wide variety of permanent new projects.
Give Hope & Inspire
Kindness is contagious. You won't only give hope to the ones you'll help, but also inspire more people than you can imagine.
5_Global Mindset.png
Global Mindset
The world will seem small to you now.  By being exposed  to new cultures, you'll change all your perspectives about life.
Grow Confidence
Feel more connected to your inner self and your life purpose. See that you are capable of more than you ever thought.
Build Communities

We're committed to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations.


Did you hear about our VOLUNTEERING MARATHON
in Mexico?

3 Days
6 NGO's
100+ Volunteers & Donors

$50,000+mxn raised in donations
Todos con Gigi: Kids with cancer non profit
Kids with cancer
Vistiendo con amor: Clothes for everyone in need
Clothes for everyone in need
El abrigo de Dios: Children's shelter / orphanage in Mexico
Children's Home
Social inclusion of blind children and kids with down syndrome
Social inclusion of Down syndrome & blind kids
Street dogs shelter in mexico
Street dogs shelter
Reforestation in mexico

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